An insightful and witty recollection of the Covid-19 lockdown in Mauritius through quotes and illustrations.
Take a journey through time
with 24 beautifully written
and illustrated short stories
about the Mauritian culture.
(French Version)
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Your journey, our story

Your life is a story about you. Your journey, your dreams, the obstacles you overcame, your successes and failures, your growth. Everyone has a story to tell. We all do. The act of telling your story is an act of sharing. Humans can relate to others through stories. We connect, come together and thrive through our common stories. Telling our story helps us figure out who we once were, what we’ve become and where we are going.

Tizistwar – your journey, our story


Nanda Pavaday

Nanda Pavaday - the author

I am Nanda, I am 48 years old. My 4 brothers and I grew up working alongside my father at the market. Like any child, I dreamed that one day I would make my parents proud. After my studies in Economics, I was unemployed for a year until I found a job on 3-month trial job in advertising. I learned on the job and made it my career. Last year I wrote a book called Tizistwar nou pays that tells the story of my dad, my mom, the people I care about, and the values ​​I hold dear. This book went all the way to Arizona in the United States, to Orlando, Quebec, England, Ireland, France, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Dubai. It made people so happy, they walked around holding the book in their hands to take their picture with it under the Eiffel Tower and on the Sydney Bridge, and placed it under their Christmas tree.

That’s my story.



Mo Festival

20 Oct 2020

MO Festival by La Croisette.

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